Our guarantee

Menu.co.nz covers are built to look good and built to last.

At Menu.co.nz we are committed to the highest quality in the design, manufacture and service of all we sell.

This guarantee applies to all hand-crafted fashion menu covers but shall not apply to covers damaged by accident, an act of God or through the negligence, general wear and tear or willful act of any user of the cover.

We make this offer to clearly demonstrate that at Menu.co.nz our measure of quality is our customers’ satisfaction.

Construction techniques ensure covers lay flat.
Interior linings
Glued (not taped) to ensure proper adhesion and years of life.
Exterior materials used on the interior of covers also to ensure waterproofness.
Metal corners
Protective metal corners electro-plated to ensure the finish won’t tarnish in a restaurant environment.
Quality control
Individually inspected and cleaned to ensure quality control second to none.
Rounded backs and edges to eliminate scratches on tables and bar surfaces. Available in black, brown, silver, gold, copper and brass. Biggest range in NZ.