We have a number of printing options to ensure we achieve the best result for printing onto glassware. Drop us a line below or pop into our Auckland based glass and ceramic print showroom.

We are New Zealand’s leading glass printing company – We specialise in printing wine glasses, printing beer glasses in all colours and sizes.

One of our team will be able to direct you toward the best print process to ensure colours are correct and your printed wine or beer glasses look good and last into the future.

We have import Libby and ARCROC glassware directly and also have relationships with all McPherson glasses so you can be assured that we will be competitive.

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Transfer Print Kiln Fired

We would typically use this process when registration (multiple colours close or touching) is or could be an issue. The Kiln Fired Transfer Print process requires a water slide transfer to be screen printed and then carefully applied to the glass or ceramic product. We then fire the product in a kiln anywhere up to 800 degrees. We can only with with spot colours in this process so photographic images are not achievable.This print process will however give the most favourable image adhesion as the transfer is based into the glaze and therefore is completely dishwasher safe.

Digital Print

We would use this process when you require multiple colours close or touching.Digital printing is best suited when you require a full spectrum of colours for logos, images or photographs to be printed and gives a result that cannot be achieved with screen printing. We then kiln fired for durability. Due is cost this process is best suited for smaller quantities.

Direct Screen Print Non Fired

Direct Glass Print – NON FIRED is best suited to logo application in one or two colours where registration (multiple colours close or touching) won’t be an issue.We use a bio soluble scratch-resistant, dishwasher-safe ink that is free of heavy metals. Another benefit is mixing colours and reproducing your corporate colours is much easier with organic inks.

Direct Screen Print Kiln Fired

Direct Printing – KILN FIRED is the same direct screen print process as the non-fired print –We use a different ink configuration and we add the additional process by kiln firing to secure the colour into the glaze of the mug or glass.We can only with spot colours in this process so photographic images are not achievable. Please note that the firing process can change colours.

Pad Print

Pad printing (can also be called tampography) is a printing process that transfers and image from a cliché via a silicone pad onto a substrate. This printing process is best suited to one or two colours where registration (multiple colours close or touching) won’t be an issue.We would generally elect to pad print when we are printing on a non-uniform product. We can pad print onto glass, ceramic and PVC.

Got a question?

If you have a question on glass or ceramic printing drop us a line below, or call us on  0800 146 368 – One of the team will be more than happy to help.

Please let us  know all of the important details like what we are printing, colours and quantity so we can give you an accurate price. 

Due to the nature of how we print there are set is set up cost so 48 pc is generally the min cost effective print run

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